What is Letterkenny? Small-Town Life & Hockey Culture

What is Letterkennt without farming; here is the Letterkenny barn, it's old and red. This image is used to open the TV show Letterkenny.

How’re Ya Now?

Letterkenny is more than just a Canadian TV sitcom; it’s a cultural phenomenon, with its abundance of quotable one-liners, hilarious situations, and a tribute to rural living all rolled into one. However, the show’s true essence lies in its quirky and relatable characters, intricate subcultures, intense hockey scenes, and, surprisingly, the element of fighting.

Created by the talented Jared Keeso, who also stars as the main character Wayne who has many great quotes, the show offers a refreshing and satirical perspective on the quirks and charm that make rural Canada so uniquely endearing. In addition, we’ll delve into the show’s cultural significance, particularly in its portrayal of hockey culture in Canada. From friendly banter to fierce rivalries, Letterkenny captures the spirit and camaraderie surrounding this national sport.

So get ready to laugh, and let’s embark on a journey to discover the magic of Letterkenny, where small-town life and hockey culture collide in the most hilarious and heartwarming ways. Just to warn you, it’s not for everyone; Letterkenny contains very strong language and sexually suggestive content.

What is Letterkenny? 

At its core, Letterkenny revolves around the lives of the fictional townspeople and their day-to-day problems and stories. The show gives you a glimpse into the lives of different groups of people, but the protagonist is Wayne, a farmer, and all-around bada$$ who lives by a code of ethics engrained in him by his humble upbringing on a farm. Wayne has earned the title “The Toughest Man in Letterkenny” through a series of fights against would-be challengers, which is one of the central themes of the show.  

As you get deeper into the show, you’ll be introduced to many characters from different walks of life. Each character embodies the spirit and celebration of Canadian rural culture and adds a unique perspective to the overall storyline. And how can you have a show about Canadian culture without one of the most crucial elements of that culture… Hockey!

Letterkenny started as a series of YouTube shorts called “Letterkenny Problems” in 2013, which gained popularity at an accelerated pace; then, in February of 2016, the first season debuted on Hulu and Crave, and the rest is history, eleven seasons later, the show is still going strong! 

Here is the very first YouTube short video that started Letterkenny.

WARNING: This video contains explicit language.  NSFW

Is Letterkenny a Real Place?

Although the town of Letterkenny is fictional, it genuinely takes inspiration from real Canadian communities, effectively encapsulating the charm and quirks of small-town life. The series paints a vivid picture reminiscent of small-town Canada with its unique combo of sharp wit, humor, and larger-than-life characters.

In the opening credits, the show introduces Letterkenny as a small town in midwestern Ontario. Again, it’s necessary to note that Letterkenny isn’t real; however, the filming takes place in Sudbury, Ontario, which is in the midwestern region. Consequently, the landscapes and scenery showcased in the series faithfully mirror the natural surroundings of that area.

What Makes Letterkenny a Great Show?

Letterkenny excels in its meticulous attention to detail in portraying the essence of small-town Canadian living. From the charming landscapes to the tight-knit community, Letterkenny creates an immersive setting that feels authentic and relatable. In addition, the quaint atmosphere and relatable situations serve as a backdrop for the characters’ shenanigans, further enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Letterkenny’s standout feature is its writing style. The dialogue is snappy, full of wordplay, and spiced up with intelligent chitchat, which results in the best quotes! In addition, the show’s writers brilliantly combine witty language, pop culture references, and local slang to produce an entertaining and captivating linguistic masterpiece. Their fine detail in the dialogue sets the show apart and makes it an unusual and exceptional watch. That, and it will make you laugh your butt off!

Relatable Characters

The Letterkenny crew sitting at MoDean's bar.  Gail is behind the bar and Wayne, Dary, and Dan are making a funny quote.

An essential part of Letterkenny’s allure is its diverse and well-crafted characters, who breathe life into the town and its stories. Leading the pack is Wayne (Jared Keeso, the creator), a tough, principled hick (farmer) who’s known as the toughest guy in Letterkenny. His dry wit and dedication to the “old-fashioned” way of life make him the centerpiece of many of the show’s most memorable moments and iconic quotes.

Alongside Wayne are his sister Katy (Michelle Mylett), a fiercely independent woman with an unapologetic sense of self, and his two best friends: Daryl (Nathan Dales), an endearing farmhand, and “Squirrely” Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), who provides comic relief with his peculiar language habits and friendly nature.

Letterkenny Groups of People

If you live in Letterkenny, you most likely fall into one of three groups of people; a hockey player (or jock), a skid (misfit drug user), or a hick (farmer or worker). These three groups are very different yet closely intertwined and often cross paths. They’re constantly fighting with each other and also fighting on the same side against a common foe. These groups coexist in a delicate balance, often clashing but ultimately contributing to the eclectic tapestry of Letterkenny life.

The Hicks

The Hicks, led by Wayne and his crew, are diligent farmers who value hard work, loyalty, and the simpler things in life. They embody the values of the rural lifestyle, embracing the land’s beauty and the importance of community. With their strong bond and unyielding loyalty, the Hicks navigate the challenges of small-town living while maintaining their unique sense of humor and camaraderie, as evidenced by the frequently used quote: “If a friend asks for help, you help.”

The Skids

The Skids, led by the enigmatic Stewart, are the town’s misfit goths. Easily identified by their eccentric fashion and alternative lifestyle, they’re often seen dancing in the dollar store parking lot and engaging in petty criminal activities, usually involving illegal drugs. Their offbeat antics and distinctive personalities create a contrast that perfectly complements the dynamics of the town.

The Hockey Players

What is Letterkenny without hockey, here is a picture of the hockey players on the bench Riley and Jonsey.

Without hockey, no depiction of Canadian life would be complete, and “Letterkenny” embraces this wholeheartedly. Reilly and Jonesy, collectively known as ‘The Hockey Players,’ offer a humorous take on the stereotypical jock persona. Peppered with hockey slang, their banter might sound like a foreign language to some, but they are responsible for some of the show’s most iconic quotes. Between their ongoing quest for snipes (Both on and off the ice) and their love for the game, it’s clear it’s not merely a sport in Letterkenny; hockey is a way of life, a social glue that binds the community together. Wheel, snipe, celly, ferda!

Letterkenny Creators

Did You Know – Letterkenny is directed and co-written by Jacob Tierney, who plays the jack of all trades, Glen, he also helped create the show with long-time friend Jared Kelso (Wayne).

A close-up of Glen from Letterkenny, played by Jacob Tierney, he was one of the creators of Letterkenny.  He has glasses on and yellow shirt with tie.

Memorable Quotes & Hilarious One-Liners 

One of the defining features of Letterkenny’s is its clever writing, spawning numerous memorable quotes and witty one-liners. From Wayne’s stoic “Pitter-patter, let’s get at er” and “That’s a Texas-sized 10-4 good buddy!” to any number of hockey quotes and slang, especially the chirps (insults) by the legendary Shorsey. There is so much hockey slang we made a cheat sheet.  

The show is filled with lines that have become catchphrases among its dedicated fanbase. The dialogue is sharp and laden with Canadian slang and cultural references, adding to the unique charm of the series. Some of the iconic back-and-forths are so fast-paced you might have to rewind it and turn on subtitles so you don’t miss a beat. 

Cultural Significance

Beyond its entertainment value, Letterkenny holds cultural significance as it celebrates the simple and authentic rural farming lifestyle. The show paints a vivid picture of the peaceful countryside, where the rolling fields and hardworking farmers create a tapestry of small-town Canadian culture. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving traditional values and the deep-rooted connection to the land that defines rural communities.

Through its relatable characters and humorous storytelling, Letterkenny pays homage to the simple pleasures of the small-town Canadian lifestyle. From the camaraderie shared over “the majestic Canadian gooses” to the pride taken in growing one’s own food, the show captures the essence of a slower-paced existence, reminding us of the joys in the simplicity of rural living and the emphasis placed on the community.

Hockey Culture in Canada

Letterkenny provides a humorous and exaggerated portrayal of the deep-rooted hockey culture that permeates Canadian communities. The characters’ love for the sport, discussions about the game, and intense rivalries with neighboring towns reflect Canadians’ passion and pride for hockey. The show’s portrayal of this cultural aspect resonates with fans, as it taps into a shared experience and showcases the cultural fabric of the sport and the country.

From friendly competitions on the ice to passionate debates about teams and players, the series captures the spirit and togetherness associated with hockey in a uniquely comedic way. For example, hockey brought two opposite characters together to form a genuine friendship. Wayne and Stewart, a hick and a skid, formed a friendship at a bar while discussing the best hockey fighters of all time.

Where to Watch Letterkenny

If you want to explore the captivating Letterkenny universe, it can be streamed on Hulu in the United States. Meanwhile, Canadians can enjoy the show on the Crave platform, which offers seamless access.

Moreover, there’s an incredibly entertaining YouTube channel called “Letterkenny Problems,” which guarantees a ton of laughter-inducing content. This channel showcases a delightful assortment of short videos and amusing back-and-forths bound to tickle your funny bone. It even includes the original videos that kickstarted the entire show, offering an amusing glimpse into its origins.

WARNING: This video contains explicit language.  NSFW

When is the New Letterkenny Season?

Fans of Letterkenny are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new season, which promises more of the show’s signature wit, humor, and captivating storylines. I can honestly say there have been no bad seasons of Letterkenny; some seasons are definitely better than others, and there are some bad episodes, but there really isn’t a dropoff from season to season.

In keeping up the tradition of the last six years, the new season of Letterkenny will come out on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, December 26th. So get ready for Letterkenny Season 12; I know I can’t wait to see who Wayne will beat up next!

Letterkenny Spin-Offs

The success of Letterkenny has given rise to exciting spin-off endeavors. Littlekenny is an animated series of shorts that delve into the childhood escapades of the beloved characters of Letterkenny. This delightful extension of the original show presents a fresh perspective, allowing fans to witness their favorite characters in a new light, thereby adding an extra layer of appreciation to the franchise.


Additionally, the outspoken and inappropriate character Shorsey, portrayed by the talented Jared Keeso, has garnered a devoted following for his quick-tempered and profanity-laden persona leading to a whole show just about him. The self-titled show “Shorsey” has a lot more hockey action than Letterkenny does while keeping consistent with the lovable characters, the quick-witted and raunchy one-liners, and the overriding themes of community and loyalty that made the franchise the cultural phenomenon that it has become. The immense popularity of Shorsey has spawned a range of spin-off merchandise and a viral online presence, effectively deepening the engagement with fans of the show. The highly anticipated season two is expected to drop in July of 2023.

Final Thoughts on Letterkenny

Letterkenny embodies a genuine appreciation for life’s simpler pleasures, paying homage to the beauty of small-town living and the charm of rural humor. Through its rich diversity of characters, their conflicts, and their unwavering camaraderie, the show paints a portrait reminiscent of Canadian rural life, a life that exists beyond the dazzling lights of metropolitan areas but is rich with charisma, heartfelt warmth, and laughter.

The authenticity with which “Letterkenny” embraces its Canadian identity—embracing the accents, hockey, and its distinct dialogue—sets it apart and is why fans love it. It is a testament to the compelling nature of well-told local stories and reminds us that comedy can transcend cultural boundaries, bringing us together.

From its memorable quotes to its captivating characters and intricate portrayal of rural existence, “Letterkenny” showcases the art of storytelling at its finest. It’s not merely a show to be watched but an experience to be savored. So, without further ado, Pitter Patter, Let’s Get Ar Er! The residents of Letterkenny eagerly await.

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