The Best Letterkenny Characters Ranked

Wayne and the Letterkenny crew at a bar, these are the best characters in Letterkenny

How’re Ya Now?

One of the things that makes Letterkenny such a great TV show is the lovable and relatable characters. The citizens of Letterkenny are as much a part of its charm as the show’s razor-sharp wit and rapid-fire banter, which produce some of the best Letterkenny Quotes. Join us on a journey through the town’s most memorable residents as we rank the best Letterkenny characters.

In the land of the hicks, skids, and hockey players, every character brings their own unique brand of humor, heart, and a touch of havoc. From the stoic farmers and their deadpan deliveries to the energetic outcasts with their heart-on-sleeve vulnerability, Letterkenny wouldn’t be the same without its eclectic cast. They’ve turned phrases into mantras and interactions into lessons on life and laughter. Just look at Wayne’s Words of Wisdom.

Welcome to our list of The Best Letterkenny Characters Ranked. This isn’t just about screen time, who’s the best looking, or the number of laughs per minute—it’s about the characters who’ve left a profound mark on the show’s identity and our hearts. So grab a Puppers, settle into your favorite chair, and Pitter Patter!

38. Marie-Fred

Marie-Fred, the stone-cold fox from Quebec that broke Wayne’s heart? Put aside her beauty and charming Franch accent; what she did to Wayne is not cool! The rollercoaster of emotions she put Wayne through was nothing short of a country song. But Letterkenny is all about the ups and downs of life, and Marie-Fred sure painted a vivid picture of how bittersweet love can be.

37. Alexander

If you don’t know who Alexander is, you’re probably not alone; he is a forgettable character, but not everyone can be the star. We need guys like Alexander to clean the toilets and restock the bar at Modean’s, and he does his job well and with pride. But that’s what makes this show so relatable, they pay attention to the little things and little people that make the world go round.

36.  Cousin Jake

It’s a shame Cousin Jake only appears in a few episodes; if we got to know him better, he’d be much more likable and higher up on this list. The American from Michigan is known for his USA flag clothing, quiet demeanor, and loyalty. You can see the same family values in him that Wayne and Katy share.

35. Biance and Aly (City Girls)

The “big city slams,” as Riley and Jonesy call them, the beautiful girls from the city. They stir up the pot, turning heads and breaking hearts with a cosmopolitan air contrasting sharply with Letterkenny’s rural charm. They’re a reminder that the city and the country can mix with results as surprising and delightful as a well-mixed cocktail.

34. The Ginger and Boots

One word can sum up these two… Allegedly. Nobody is really sure what happened there or if any ostriches were harmed, but one thing is for sure: these two are strange. We’ll never get the full picture, but the half we do get sends a shiver down your spine, mixed with a chuckle, because, let’s face it, it’s Letterkenny, and nothing is off limits.

33. Slash and Axe (The Natives)

Slash & Axe are Tanis’ muscle; they keep things real and represent the Native community with an edge and wit that’s sharper than a tack. Their banter with the Hicks is nothing short of legendary, offering a glimpse into the bonds that can be formed across different cultures over nothing more than a few beers and shared laughs.

32. Jivin Pete and the Degens From Upcountry

What can you say about Jivin Pete and the rest of the Degens other than chaos follows wherever they go, along with empty beer cans and trash. Their low moral fiber clashes with Wayne and the Hicks, but you gotta have some bad guys, otherwise, who would Wayne fight?

31. Jean-Jacqies Francois Jacques Jean

Known as “JJ Frankie JJ” around Letterkenny, you wouldn’t think to look at him, but there’s much more to this massive bearded man than meets the eye. He’s one of the best hockey players in the league. He’s so good that he was dominating Shorsey’s team in the championship, and the only way Shorsey could stop him was to slash his knee from behind, breaking his leg. It was one of the dirtiest cheap shots you’ll ever see.

JJ Frankie JJ also does quite well with the ladies, as evidenced by his many beautiful girlfriends who are way out of his league. He and Shorsey do makeup in the Letterkenny spin-off “Shorsey,” where Shorsey asks him to join his hockey team.

30. Bradley

Bradley is Gail and Rosy’s cousin, who everybody loves. He’s only in a few episodes, but the respect and admiration that the crew has for him is tremendous and leaves us wanting more. He comes in to be a bouncer at MoDeans and ends up bouncing Wayne, Dary, and Dan after they drink way too much and get super annoying. 

29. Scholtzy, Barts, Yorkie, Fisky, and Boomtown

These boys breathe hockey and live for the chirp. Scholtzy, Barts, Yorkie, Fisky, and Boomtown might spend more time tossing zingers than pucks, but that’s their charm. They give us a snapshot of small-town hockey players whose love for the game of hockey is unwavering, and the brotherhood they share is unmatched.

28. Betty-Anne and Mary-Anne

The star players of the Shamrockettes can chirp better than most men. These two ladies don’t mince words; they serve them up hot and heavy, leaving the boys wanting more but slightly terrified. They’re proof that behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes and probably outscoring him on the ice.

27. Dierks

It’s nice to see when people get what they deserve, especially when that is cheating on Katy (I mean, how can anyone ever cheat on Katy?)  Well, Dierks did, and he paid the price by getting his as* kicked by Wayne and the boys. This smooth-talking ladies’ man turns into the most hated guy in Letterkenny.

26. Darien and Connor (The Other Skids)

The skids dancing from Letterkenny, they're all in black dancing in the alley

Darien and Connor are the quiet skids who dance, smoke weed in the background, and follow their fearless leader, Stuart. Even though these guys never say anything, they are a vital thread in the Letterkenny tapestry. They represent the legitimacy of the skid’s culture; they don’t question orders and love living the counter-culture life.

25. Gae

The temptress who tamed the dark lord Stuart and revolutionized The Skid’s way of thinking. She brought a new dimension to the black-clad basement dwellers, a muse who inspired change with a blend of sharp intellect and a no-nonsense attitude.  Gae served as a beacon in the darkness for those lost among the shadows.

24. Mrs. McMurray

What can you say about this spicy seductress who has become one of Letterkenny’s most formidable women? Her dynamic with her husband, McMurray, offers some of the most hilariously uncomfortable moments, laden with innuendos that would make even a sailor blush.  Whether she’s spearheading a fundraiser or orchestrating the social event of the season, Mrs. McMurray is a whirlwind of energy, leaving a trail of bewildered grins in her wake.

23. Dax and Ron

Dax and Ron, the unapologetically flamboyant gym buffs, bring a cheerful spirit to Letterkenny. Their entrance is always announced with a cheeky catchphrase and strutting confidence that’s as infectious as their laughter. This dynamic duo is a testament to the show’s celebration of diversity, breaking stereotypes with every synchronized step. Their witty banter and lightning-quick back-and-forths produce some of the best Letterkenny Quotes.

Dax and Ron from Letterkenny posing in their gym outfits

22. Anik

Yeeeaaawwwhh! Is what everyone says when they see Anik’s stunning beauty on her Instagram or in person. This French Canadian from Quebec stole Dary’s heart and spit him out after she had her way with him (which I’m sure he enjoyed.) 

Her charm is matched by a savvy understanding of social dynamics, navigating the complexities of Letterkenny relationships with grace and a wink. Anik is not the best Letterkennt character, but she just might be the best-looking!

21. Joint Boy

His musings on life, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness are as profound as they are unexpected, coming from a man equally revered for his ability to throw down in a scrap. Joint Boy’s tranquility in the face of chaos, his loyalty to his friends, and his unwavering pursuit of a good time make him a lovable Letterkenny character who embodies the balance of living life to its fullest while reflecting on its meaning. And he always has a joint ready to go.

20. Tyson

Tyson’s loyalty is almost as formidable as his right hook; he’s always willing to get in a fight at a moment’s notice.  He’s one of the few guys who almost got the better of Wayne in a scrap, which is why Wayne respects him so much. He’s one of the first guys Wayne calls when he needs backup. His rough exterior is combined with a heart of gold and strong community values. 

Wany and Tyson from LEttereknny gertting ready to fight, they are the best Letterekenny characters

19. Devon

Devon was Stuart’s right-hand man for a while, and when Stuart left the Skids, it was Devon who stepped up and became the leader of this lovable band of misfits. He wasn’t afraid to stand up to Stuart and let him know when he was out of line. Then, he just disappeared without any explanation, leaving a void in the group, which was felt both narratively and emotionally.

18. Coach

Coach is an eternal homage to heartbreak and hockey, a man whose passion for the game is only matched by his mourning for his late wife, “Barb.” His outbursts of “It’s f**king embarrassing!” has become one of the best Letterkenny Quotes. Coach’s character is a complex blend of tough love and vulnerability, using the ice rink as a platform to grapple with his grief. 

His commitment to his team is unwavering, even if his methods are unorthodox. Through his trials and tribulations, Coach embodies the enduring spirit of perseverance that is central to Letterkenny.

17 Glen 

Glen is Letterkenny’s jack-of-all-trades, from bartender to preacher to health care worker, there’s no job Glen can’t handle. With his tight-fitting shirts and even tighter Bible verses, he’s Letterkenny’s spiritual compass, albeit one that often points in directions some find bewildering. 

His role as the local pastor is as much about saving souls as it is about serving sass with a side of salvation. Glen’s theatrics in delivering the Lord’s word are as extravagant as his wardrobe, yet there’s an undeniable sincerity to everything he does.  His character challenges preconceptions and prejudices, proving that faith and individuality can dance together in a jubilant if sometimes unconventional, harmony.

16 Stuart

Stuart is the enigmatic and eyeliner-heavy leader of the skids, a subculture within Letterkenny that dances to the beat of an EDM track. His character arc is a jagged line of highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks. As the brooding heart of the group, Stuart’s complexities unfold like a dark novel, inviting both empathy and exasperation. 

His constant battle for respect and control, mixed with his moments of unexpected tenderness, paints the picture of a young man searching for identity and acceptance. Stuart’s depth is revealed in his poetry and posture, a character as layered as the smoke from his pipe.

15 Bonnie McMurray

Woah, Bonnie McMurray! 

She brings a smile to everyone’s face, man and woman alike. With her girl-next-door charm and sunny disposition, she is a character that captures the heart of Letterkenny’s small-town appeal. Her interactions with the town’s residents, from shy glances to playful banter, showcase a young woman coming into her own.

Bonnie McMurray from LEtterkenny standing behind Modeans bar

14 Noah and Anita Dyck

You just gotta love that innocent Mennonite charm that Noah Dyck and his lovely wife, Anita Dyck, bring to Letterkenny. They offer a window into a different perspective, a world where simplicity reigns, and hard work is the currency of virtue.

Noah’s steadfastness and Anita’s gentle wisdom provide a calming, almost pastoral counterpoint to the town’s chaotic energy, reminding us of the value in slowing down and the richness found in different ways of life.

And their sausage is legendary, have you met their daughters?

13 McMurray

McMurray is a character of awkward passions, a man whose earnestness often trips over its own feet. He is a man fiercely proud of his agricultural acumen and his wife’s… assets. McMurray’s unintentionally inappropriate commentary and earnest side ventures—like his attempt to start a swinger’s party in his hot tub—are cringeworthy yet endearing. 

From his awkward greetings with Wayne to his mumbled speech, his character delivers some of the show’s most squirm-inducing laughs. But beneath the bumbling exterior lies a resilient, well-intentioned man who’d do anything for his friends and community. McMurray might not be the best Letterkenny character, but he’s definitely memorable.

12 Jim Dickens

With his drawling delivery and tendency to double, triple, or even quadruple down on phrases, Jim Dickens stands out as a lovable wordsmith amongst the Letterkenny folks. His rambling anecdotes are punctuated with repetitions that could turn a simple statement into a novel, much to his listeners’ amusement or sometimes irritation. 

Sometimes, his stories are as tall as he is, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great. And you gotta love how he can’t hide his auctioneer background; how long has he been at it? Gimme 5 years, maybe 6, make that 7,8,9 years, do I hear 10,11, or even 12 years.

11 Gail

Gail, the boisterous proprietor of MoDean’s, is as much a staple of Letterkenny as the bar itself. Her sexually charged quotes and unapologetic demeanor make her a formidable presence. Gail’s flirtatious banter is not just humor; it’s a declaration of her confidence and ownership of her sexuality. 

She navigates the male-dominated environment with a sharp tongue and a fearless attitude, embodying the strength and independence of Letterkenny’s women. Her character adds a layer of raw, unfiltered honesty to the show, serving up laughter with a side of empowerment.

10 Roald

Often seen by Stewart’s side, Roald symbolizes loyalty in the skid group. His quiet, unassuming nature meshes with his deep devotion to his friends, especially Stewart. Rold’s earnestness and gentle spirit contrast the often brash world of The Skids, reminding viewers of the value of steadfastness and sincerity.

Roald’s emotional vulnerability is a significant aspect of his character, often revealing a tender side that contrasts with his more eccentric skid behaviors. Roald’s ability to evoke both laughter and sympathy makes him a uniquely endearing character, embodying the show’s blend of humor and heartfelt storytelling.

9 Tanis

Tanis from Letterkenny with her loyal sidekicks standing in a parking lot

Tanis, the badass leader of the Native hockey team, is a force to be reckoned with. Her character combines strength, intelligence, and a fierce loyalty to her Native roots and community. 

Tanis navigates the complexities of her role with a mix of toughness and vulnerability, reflecting the challenges of leadership and the struggle for respect. Her interactions with other Letterkenny residents are marked by a sharp wit and a commanding presence, making her one of the show’s most dynamic and respected characters.

8 & 7 Reilly and Jonesy

Ferda Boys! 

Reilly and Jonesy are Letterkenny’s dynamic hockey duo, the epitome of a sports bromance. Inseparable and almost indistinguishable, the only thing that can come between them is Katy.  Their dialogue is a rapid-fire exchange of hockey slang and chirps that you need a translator to understand.

These characters bring to life the camaraderie and competitiveness inherent in hockey culture, delivering it with a comedic timing as precise as their on-ice plays. When they’re not wheeling, sniping, or celly-ing on the ice, you can find them chasing after a Tinderella or smashing sandos, and of course, they’re going to skip leg day.

Their interdependence is a running joke throughout the series, showcasing their inability to function separately but their remarkable effectiveness as a team. It makes them some of the best characters on Letterkenny.

Reilly and Jonesy sitting in a red jeep, they are some of the best Letterkenny characters

6 Darry

Daryl, or Darry to his friends, is a character whose loyalty and earnestness are as deep as his love for hard work and his friends. His evolution throughout the series, from a naive and awkward reserved farmer to a confident badass, reflects the show’s theme of personal growth and self-discovery. You have to wonder how he landed a beautiful girl like Anik; the Darry of season 1 couldn’t have done that.

He has a unique blend of simplicity, loyalty, and old-time values. Mix in his embarrassing and triumphant romantic endeavors, which makes him relatable to anyone who’s fumbled through the complexities of love. His unwavering commitment to his friends and quiet strength make him a cornerstone of the community and one of our favorite Letterkenny characters.

5 Rosie

With her understated strength and calm demeanor, Rosie brings a sense of balance and serenity to the often chaotic world of Letterkenny. Her relationship with Wayne is a central aspect of her character, showcasing a partnership based on mutual respect, simplicity, and a sense of deep-rooted community.

Rosie’s presence in the series adds a layer of depth and maturity, reflecting the show’s ability to handle relationships with a nuanced, realistic approach. Her character is a testament to the quiet, steady force that often underpins enduring love and companionship.

Rosie from Letterkenny wearing a pink shirt and drinking a beer

4 Dan

Squirley Dan, the philosophical farmer and one of the beloved members of the hicks. His character stands out with his uniques ways of speakings and his steadfast values deeply rooted in principle and doing what’s right, even if it’s not a popular choice.

His character often serves as the group’s moral compass, offering insights ranging from hilariously crude to surprisingly profound, and he’s a fiercely strong advocate for women’s rights. Dan’s approach to life, with its blend of simplicity and depth, captures the essence of rural wisdom. His character adds a layer of heartfelt authenticity to the show, embodying the spirit of community and the unspoken code of rural living.

3 Wayne

You’re probably surprised that Wayne is not the #1 best Letterkenny character, but we thought we’d shake things up a bit.  

Wayne, the stoic hero of Letterkenny, is the embodiment of the strong, silent type. His character is defined by a deep sense of honor, a commitment to hard work, and a dry wit that cuts to the core of any situation. The only thing quicker than Wayne’s wit is his fists, which have earned him the title “The Toughest Guy In Letterkenny.” Many have challenged his crown, and they have all failed. 

Wayne’s unwavering principles and dedication to his friends and family make him the backbone of the community. His interactions, often marked by his iconic quotes and signature catchphrases like “Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er,” reflect his no-nonsense approach to life, making him a beloved and iconic figure in the series.

Wayne and Katy from Letterkenny, standing outside having a beer

2 Katy

Wayne’s sister, Katy, is a character who embodies independence and confidence. Her free-spirited nature and deep intellect make her a standout in the Letterkenny crowd and earn her the second spot on this list. 

Her character challenges traditional gender roles and societal expectations, reflecting the show’s progressive and inclusive values. Her strength, sharp wit, and unapologetic sense of style and approach to life stand as a symbol of modern femininity. Bending strength with vulnerability in a way that defies traditional stereotypes.

Katy navigates the complexities of life in Letterkenny with a savvy and confidence that commands respect from all around her. She’s fiercely protective of her brother, Wayne, yet she’s not afraid to challenge him when needed, showcasing a deep familial bond that’s both heartwarming and genuine.

1 Shorsey

Shorsey from Letterkenny sitting at a bar with his back to us wearing a white shirt, making insults to people.

What can you say about Shorsey other than, “Give your balls a tug, you t*t fu*ker!” The stud hockey player known for his relentless and often over-the-top trash talk, Shorsey turns chirping into an art form. His often crude and harsh interactions are a testament to the show’s ability to push boundaries in comedy.

Despite being a secondary character, Shorsey’s impact on the show is significant. He is, after all, the only character to get their own spin-off, the self-titled show called “Shorsey,” Season 2, now available on Hulu and Crave. His antics, memorable quotes, and ruthless trash talk earn him the #1 spot on the list of best Letterkenny characters.

In the end, Shorsey is a character that viewers love to hate and hate to love. His crude, unapologetic humor, and mysterious persona make him an unforgettable part of Letterkenny, a character that, in his own unique way, contributes to the rich landscape of the show’s storytelling. 

Final Thoughts

Each character in Letterkenny brings a unique flavor to the town’s vibrant community, reflecting the diverse personalities that make up the tapestry of small-town life. Their stories are a mosaic of human experience, painted with the brushstrokes of comedy, tragedy, and the mundane, creating a portrait of a place that’s as endearing as it is eccentric.

From Wayne’s stoic wisdom to Katy’s fierce independence, from Darry’s heartfelt loyalty to Shorsey’s razor-sharp chirps, the show presents a spectrum of personalities that are as diverse as they are engaging. These characters do more than just deliver laughs; they offer insights into the complexities of Canadian rural living, the bonds of friendship, and the trials of personal growth.

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