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The Letterkenny crew sitting at the produce stand making funny quotes and slang, Wayne, Katy, Dan, and Dary.

How’re Ya Now?

Here are Hockey Topics we love Letterkenny; it’s the funniest show on TV! Here is our tribute page to the Canadian cult classic. We have some great articles about Letterkenny, including The Best Letterkenny Quotes and more to come, such as a slang dictionary, episode guides, character bios, and much more.

We also have some great Letterkenny gear and merchandise that will have fellow fans cracking up when they see it. So show your love for Wanye and the Letterkenny crew.

Letterkenny Articles

Wayne’s Words of Wisdom

The 65 Best Quotes from Letterkenny’s Wayne

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Wayne from Letterkenny standing with his hands on his hips wearing a blue shirt

What is Letterkenny?

Small Town Life & Hockey Culture

Read the article here.

The Letterkenny barn, it's old and red. This image is used to open the TV show Letterkenny.

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