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The Letterkenny crew featuring Wanye and his hilarious quotes

How’re Ya Now?

Welcome to Letterkenny, where the Puppers flow freely, the chirps are harsh, and The Hicks, Skids, and Hockey Players remind us that there’s more to small-town life than meets the eye. In this comprehensive guide, we’re taking a deep dive into the quirky, often outrageous, and always memorable episodes of Letterkenny. We watched every episode of Letterkenny (multiple times) and put together this Letterkenny Episode Guide. 

Letterkenny” isn’t just a TV show; it’s a cultural phenomenon, a linguistic playground, and a masterclass in the art of the witty comeback. Each episode has its own charm, filled with iconic Letterkenny quotes, bizarre situations, and a cast of characters that you can’t help but love. From Wayne’s old-school values to Dary’s innocent nature, each character brings something different to Letterkenny. 

How Many Seasons of Letterkenny Are There?

Since its beginning in 2016, there have been 12 hilarious seasons of Letterkenny. Along with the 12 seasons, there are seven special holiday episodes that are stand-alone. One of our only complaints about Letterkenny is how short the seasons are; each season is only six or seven episodes. There are 81 glorious episodes of Letterkenny.

Is Letterkenny Over?

Sadly, yes, Letterkenny is over; season 12 was the last season of Letterkenny. The show ended in 2023. Shorsey, the Letterkenny spin-off, just came out with season two and will hopefully go for many more seasons.

Letterkenny Episode Guide

Now, we’ll go through the list of every Letterkenny episode starting at the beginning.

Letterkenny Season 1 (2016)

Episode 1 – Ain’t No Reason to Get Excited
Daryl and Katy try to help Wayne get back into the dating scene after his recent breakup. One way to help is to get Wayne fighting again and reclaim the title of “The Toughest Guy In Letterkenny.” 
Episode 2 – Super Soft Birthday
Wayne and Katy plan a “Super Soft Birthday Party” for Daryl despite Daryl’s desire for anything but that. In the end, Daryl realizes the party is more for Wayne and Katy and gives in.
Episode 3 – Fartbook
Dan starts a social media platform about his farts. The Hicks and Skids work together to build Fartbook. This episode highlights the group’s humor and the simplicity of rural life while also parodying social media trends.
Episode 4 – Wingman Wayne
Gail starts a competition in Letterkenny where the first person to get some action (romantically) receives a discount off their Modean’s bar tab.
Episode 5 – Rave
Daryl starts a pest control company; Stewart has dreams of becoming a famous DJ, so The Skids try to throw a rave. Will anyone show up? This episode explores the ambitions and entrepreneurial spirit of the characters.
Episode 6 – A Fuss in the Back Bush
Stuart and The Skids’ questionable business dealings ignite an all-out donnybrook throughout the whole town of Letterkenny. This episode delves into the conflicts and dynamics of different groups within Letterkenny and how fighting usually solves all their problems.

Letterkenny Season 2 (2016)

Episode 1 – A Fuss at the Ag Hall
The Hicks try to reestablish order in the Ag Hall and the community as a whole. Reilly and Jonesy are struggling to adjust to senior hockey. The Coach says some classic hockey quotes, “You’re f**king embarrassing!”. This episode showcases the blend of small-town politics and hockey culture in Letterkenny.
Episode 2 – The Election
There was a heated election for the Letterkenny Ag Hall Chairman between Wayne and McMurray.  Each group brings their distinct approach to the election, causing humorous and unexpected situations. The episode highlights the quirky and often satirical take on local politics in a rural setting.
Episode 3 – Relationships
Still on his quest for love, Wayne doubles down on his efforts to find a romantic partner. The episode explores the complexities and humor found in small-town rural dating scenes.
Episode 4 – The Native Flu
The hockey player’s game against the rival “Native” team on The Rez has everyone on edge. This episode delves into the interactions between different communities and the dynamics of hockey culture. It shows just how deep-rooted hockey culture is in rural Canada.
Episode 5 – Uncle Eddie’s Trust
Wayne and Katy reflect on the life of their beloved Uncle Eddie, who just passed away. They inherited some money and held a “Shark Tank” style competition to see if any of the townsfolk had a good business idea for them to invest in.
Episode 6 – Finding Stormy a Stud
Wayne’s quest to find a suitable mate for their German Shepherd Stormy, which, of course, brings tension and excitement to Letterkenny. The episode combines themes of loyalty, community, and an underlying theme in the series, their love for pets.

St. Patrick’s Day Special Episode (2017)

St. Perfect’s Day

Letterkenny has strong Irish roots, so naturally, they go all-out on St. Patrick’s Day. Does Squirley Dan have what it takes to become the King of St. Paddy’s Day? Daryl doesn’t remember a thing, so the crew helps him recall his Legen-Dary night.

Squirley Dan from Letterkenny dressed up for St. Patricks Day

Season 3 (2017)

The opening to Letterkenny season 3 is a classic example of the witty wordplay symbolic of the series. Here’s Wayne and Dary doing the ABCs of winter.

WARNING: Adult language, NSFW

Episode 1 – Sled Shack
The Hicks construct a Sled Shack (Sled is Letterkenny slang for snowmobile). They turn it into a cool little place where the guys can escape and have some Puppers. Reilly and Jonesy are tearing it up on the Letterkenny Irish, wheel, snipe, celly boys! 
Episode 2 – Puck Bunny
The Hick’s Sled Shack is so popular it starts to attract the wrong crowd, the DeGens from upcountry. Wayne and the boys try to lure them to the shack so they can ambush the DeGens. They are so desperate to get them that they ask the weirdest duo in Letterkenny for help, Ginger and Boots; all we have to say about them is… Allegedly.
Episode 3 – MoDeans 2
It’s the grand re-opening of the local watering hole MoDean’s 2. Wayne confronts the DeGen leader, Jivin Pete, who used to be a good guy, and asks him WTF happened?  This event stirs up various emotions in the town, particularly for Wayne. The episode delves into the complexities of local relationships and the importance of community hangouts.
Episode 4 – Les Hiques
The Hicks take a fishing trip up to the Quebec border, where everybody loves fishing in Kwee-Bec. The crew meets their French doppelgangers in a hilarious encounter and end up becoming friends after a sketchy introduction. The episode highlights the quirks and similarities between different rural communities.
Episode 5 – The Battle for Bonnie McMurray
Bonnie McMurray’s hot tub party becomes a battleground as Dan, Daryl, and Katy vie for her attention. Meanwhile, Wayne and Rosie’s relationship starts to develop in an old-school fashion.
Episode 6 – Bradley is a Killer
Gail and Rosy’s cousin Bradley returns to Letterkenny to work at MoDean’s, and everyone loves Bradley. So much so that they all annoy the hell out of him all night, challenging him to a race and laughing uncontrollably, among other things. Gae and the Skid’s relationship hits some turmoil.
Wayne and the Letterkenny crew ice fishing and drinking beers in the shed

Halloween Special (2017)

The Haunting of MoDean’s II

Gail tells Wayne and The Hicks that the bar is haunted, but Wayne and Katy don’t believe it. They try to question various townsfolk to discover who is behind the strange occurrences. It wasn’t the Hockey Players; they were swiping on Tinderellas all night. Is the late Uncle Eddie’s ghost somehow responsible for all the mischief?

Season 4 (2017)

Episode 1- Never Work a Day in Your Life
At the end of last season, Rosy moved away and broke Wayne’s heart. To get his mind off his former lover, he goes all in on chorin’.  The episode portrays Wayne’s struggle with his emotions and his unique way of coping.
Episode 2 – A Fuss at the Golf Course
“If you have a problem with the majestic Canadian gooses, then you have a problem with me!” One of the classic Letterkenny quotes from Wayne. Coach and some other golf club members are trying to get rid of the Canadian Goose, which gets Wayne and McMurray fired up. Another example of the animal-loving theme in rural communities.
Episode 3 – Way to a Man’s Heart
Tanis enlists the Hicks to resolve a feud on the Rez, leading them to recruit the Hockey Players. The episode highlights the interconnectedness of different groups in Letterkenny.
Episode 4 – Letterkenny Talent Show
Letterkenny residents showcase their unique skills in a local talent show, revealing hidden talents and quirky performances.
Episode 5 – The Letterkenny Leave
Wayne tries to bail on a creepy hot-tub party at the swinging MuMurrays. Reilly and Jonesy go to extreme lengths to get in shape, even leg day.
Episode 6 – Great Day for Thunder Bay
In the Letterkenny season 4 finale, the local heroes and famous hockey duo, The Bay Brothers, return home for a big bash. Competing parties are trying to get the town to come to one party over the other. This episode showcases the small-town pride for their fellow townspeople.

Easter Special Episode (2018)

Super Hard Easter

The annual Easter Egg hunt is underway, and it’s Daryl’s turn to hide the eggs. Wayne tries out a new turtleneck and gets some criticism. Glen and some townsfolk put on a “Passion” play.

Season 5 (2018)

Episode 1 – We Don’t Fight at Weddings
Everyone attends an unconventional wedding, and they try to be on their best behavior. The episode explores the interactions and relationships among different groups during a celebratory event. It highlights the community’s ability to put aside differences and come together for special occasions.
Episode 2 – The Ol’ College Try
Stuart and The Skids are obsessed with the Dark Web. Wayne tries to get back on the horse and start a new relationship, but with whom? The Hockey Players want to get into coaching, but they might have gotten more than they bargained for. This episode presents the theme of new beginnings and the adjustments that come with them.
Episode 3 – Hard Right Jay
An extreme political outsider named Hard Right Jay disrupts the rare peace that was throughout Letterkenny. So, the town must come together and defeat a common foe. Stuart must confront his addiction to the Dark Web.
Episode 4 – Letterkenny Spelling Bee
The competitive spirit is high at Letterkenny’s Adult Spelling Bee, bringing out the intellectual side of the community. Can anyone beat Katy or Stuart? The episode humorously depicts the pride and rivalry in academic competitions, even in a small-town setting.
Episode 5 – Back to Back to Back
The Shamrockettes, coached by Reilly and Jonesy, strive for their third championship in a row. Stuart has a blast from his past when some old friends come for a visit. The episode explores themes of ambition, nostalgia, and the importance of friendships.
Episode 6 – Bock et Biche
The town heads to Quebec for Anik’s pre-wedding party. Can Daryl get over his obsession with her?  This cross-cultural episode shows the Letterkenny residents’ interactions with their Quebec counterparts. It portrays the challenges and humor found in navigating different traditions and social norms​​.
Wayne from Letterkenny sticking his head out of the window of his truck

Christmas Special (2018)

The Three Wisemen

Wayne and Katy are hosting a Christmas Party. Is it possibly the best party ever? The whole town of Letterkenny shows up. Wayne keeps up his old traditions and hands out gifts to everyone. “You don’t f**k with tradition!”

Season 6 (2018)

Episode 1 – What Could Be So Urgent?
Wayne and Marie Fred ponder a stranger’s peculiar behavior at a urinal in the airport. Meanwhile, Reilly and Jonesy embark on a competition with Dax and Ron to see who can get the most action around town.
Episode 2 – Bush Party Season
Wayne and the crew host a “Brush Party,” a staple of rural culture. The local Mennonites, The Dycks, have issues with the Lil Dycks. While Stuart makes an unexpected enemy.
Episode 3 – The City
The Hicks take a trip to the big city to help a friend. The theme of loyalty and friendship is central to the episode, showcasing the deep bonds among the main characters. “When a friend asks for help, you help.”
Episode 4 – Dyck’s Slip Out
More trouble with the Little Dycks, Noah and Anita can’t find their daughters, who they fear are headed toward a life of sin. Will Wayne and the crew help the Dycks out?
Episode 5 -Different Strokes For Different Folks
Modean’s hosts the annual Century Club challenge, bringing Letterkenny together for a night of competition and intense drinking rivalry. Katy is annoyed by McMurray and his shady behavior.
Episode 6 – Yew!
Dary and Anik hit a snag in their relationship as Anik’s Instagram is the talk of the town – Yew!!. Wayne has a big decision to make about Marie Fred.

Valentine’s Day Special (2019)

Valentimes Day

There is a speed dating event in Letterkenny, and everyone is coming out. Will anyone get lucky?

Season 7 (2019)

Episode 1 – Crack N Ag
The Hicks show off their agricultural knowledge and host a call-in show to help local community members out with their farming problems. Will it be a hit? This episode reflects the community’s deep connection to farming and rural life.
Episode 2 – Red Card Yellow Card
Wayne starts using yellow and red cards from soccer when he gets bored with a conversation.
Episode 3 – Nut
Dan’s private life becomes public as his personal viewing history unexpectedly comes to light, leading to humorous and, of course, awkward situations.
Episode 4 – Letterkenny vs Penny
Wayne and Katy compete to see who can collect the most pennies and raise money for Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation. The Hockey Players reminisce about their past and get nostalgic.
Episode 5 – W’s Talk Baby
Tanis tries to reunite the Irish hockey team, delving into the dynamics of sports and leadership in small-town Canadian culture
Episode 6 – In It To Win It
Dary heads to Quebec to try to win over Anik. Will anyone go help him? The Hockey Players play the intimidating Native Team for control of the Letterkenny Irish.

Season 8 (2019)

WARNING: Adult language, NSFW

Episode 1 – Miss Fire
At the end of Letterkenny Season 7, we see Marie Fred cheating on Wayne, who goes into a dark hole in the Sled Shack. Wayne’s friends try to stand by their friend in his time of need. Stuart reflects on his life choices.
Episode 2 – National Senior Hockey Championship
The Hockey Players have a huge game against Quebec and JJ Frankie JJ. How far will Shorsey go to win the ship? Stuart takes matters into his own hands and learns to fight.
Episode 3 – The Rippers
Katy and Wayne’s cousin Jake from the United States plan a road trip south of the border, showcasing the difference between American and rural Canadian cultures.
Episode 4 – Ferda
Reilly and Jonesy, having troubles with the ladies, start a club for men only. It does not go as they planned, but what does in Letterkenny? Meanwhile, the skids venture into the city, exploring new environments and challenges.
Episode 5 – Yard Sale Saturday
Who’s the best at dickering in Letterkenny? McMurray and Wayne go head to head in a yard sale bargain hunt.
Episode 6 – Holy Sheet
The Mennonites ask Wayne and The Hicks to help with some chorin. Are they getting into more than they bargained for, or are they just misunderstanding The Dyck’s innocent way of speaking?
Episode 7 – Day Beers Day
The whole town of Letterkenny celebrates Day Beers Day, which brings relaxation and leisure to the forefront and is a much-deserved day off. Katy leaves Letterkenny and goes on a journey to find herself.

Season 9 (2020)

Episode 1 – American Buck and Doe
After The Skids, Hicks, and Hockey Players kicked the crap out of Dierks, they all attend a Buck and Doe and come together in harmony. Yeah, right, how long will that last?
Episode 2 – Kids with Problems
Some young hooligans are running around town making mischief, so Wayne and the crew organize a meeting with the young folk of Letterkenny to educate them on how to behave, with Wayne sharing some life lessons.
Episode 3 – Scorched Earth
Still recovering from the Dierks breakup, Katy goes “Scorched Earth” on Letterkenny, taking no prisoners. Gail gets in on the mix, too.
Episode 4 – Mitzvah
While playing beer league hockey, Reilly and Jonesy learn about the Jewish culture and try to perform a “mitzvah.”
Episode 5 – Sleepover
A classic sleepover takes place with movies, board games, and girl talk, highlighting the simplicity and joy of traditional social activities.
Episode 6 – Breastaurant
A new “Hooters” style breastaurant opens in Letterkenny, sending the town into a moral uproar. Who will stay loyal to Modean’s? It showcases how the town deals with change and new trends.
Episode 7 – NDN NRG
Tanis launches her own energy drink to try and compete with BroDude but might have started a fight against a monster. The Hicks ponder life’s meaning with some hilarious quotes.

Season 10 (2021)

Episode 1 – King of Suckers
Everyone in town comes together to tell stories about how they all just kicked Dierk’s as* again. Tanis’ energy drink has some big competition coming after them.
Episode 2 – Dealership
Marie-Fred asks Wayne for help negotiating a new truck, and McMurray comes along to see who is the best at dickering. The rest of the town has a Caesar contest.
Episode 3 – Dyck Meat
In this classic episode, The Hicks attend a sausage party hosted by The Dycks. They’re not quite sure what kind of party this is. The Hockey Players and The Skids engage in an intense video game battle of Chel.
Episode 4 – Prostate
The new doctor in Letterkenny is encouraging all the men in town to get their prostate checked. Can they handle it? Glen somehow gets a job at the clinic
Episode 5 – VidVok
Wayne gets a new job driving the Zamboni at the ice rink and a first-hand look at Shorsey’s work ethic. The new social media platform VidVik takes Letterkenny by storm. The Hockey Players and Skids battle for online fame and fortune.
Episode 6 – Sundays are for Picking Stones
Wayne asks the town for help picking stones. Shorsey gets a chance at a higher level of hockey. This episode has one of the best Letterkenny quotes, “Sundays are for picking stones!”

International Women’s Day Special

Letterkenny Celebrates International Women’s Day

Squirley Dan brings in Professor Tricia to speak to the men of Letterkenny about women’s rights, which gets emotional. The women of Letterkenny host an Anti-Beauty Pagent. 

Season 11 (2022)

Episode 1 – Chips
Letterkenny hosts a town forum to discuss the best flavor of chips and what the new flavor should be. The discussion gets pretty heated. People need to get some air. Glen asks The Hockey Players for help with his workout routine.
Episode 2 – Okoya
Wayne and Dan wait around all day for a furniture delivery, then critique the driver on how to do his job. Someone stole money from the church bake sale, and Glen is hot on the case.
Episode 3 – Lost Dog
The townsfolk rally together to help look for a lost dog. Shorsey teaches Reilly and Jonesy a harsh lesson about bringing girls to a beer league hockey game.
Episode 4 – Nudes
Stuart and The Skids use Goldstein to help them sell drugs to the Jewish community. The ladies of Letterkenny get fired about some leaked nudes of Gail and try to find the culprit.
Episode 5 – Influenzas
A new social media craze stirs up drama in Letterkenny. Katy and McMurray try to cash in by letting influencers do photo shoots in their barns. Wayne tries to make amends with Jivin’ Pete.
Episode 6 –  Degens
Wayne and Jivin’ Pete can’t get along, so naturally, it turns into a massive donnybrook. Should grown men be allowed to celebrate a birthday week? Just ask The Hockey Players.

Victoria Day Special (2023)

May 2-4

The Hicks and the McMurray’s Victoria Day celebration turns sour when their Aussie and Kiwi cousins get into a donnybrook. Meanwhile, Glen shows off his pyrotechnic skills with a fireworks display.

Season 12 (2023)

Episode 1 – Live at MoDeans
Gail and MoDeans host a town stand-up comedy night, Daryl gets lots of laughs, and Katy roasts Dary pretty hard. Rosy gets Wayne thinking about his future and how much being the toughest guy in Letterkenny means to him.
Episode 2 – Sun Darts
The Skids use AI to help Jim Dickens make a music video and live out his dream of being a country star; the Hicks help out too. Daryl questions his friendships with the Hicks and begins to hang out with the DeGens.
Episode 3 – I’m a Degen
Daryl spends more time with the Degens and meets some attractive Degen women who think he is smart and cool. The Skids start a new after-hours business venture.
Episode 4 – Snooters
Daryl starts to question his choice of new friends. Katy’s new friend has her thinking about Mexico.
Episode 5 – Stuck
Katy and Squirley Dan reconsider their new lifestyles. Will McMurray and the Letterkenny residents come together to save Daryl?
Episode 6 – Over and Out
Daryl is skeptical of his new Degen friends, and Wayne and the boys try to save him. Stuart and the Skids throw a rave party at the Ag Hall, will people show up?

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