The Ultimate Hockey Slang Term Dictionary – 146 Essential Hockey Terms

An ice hockey faceoff or draw which is a slang term in hockey

Welcome puck-heads (an endearing term for hockey fans) do you ever listen to hockey players talk and feel like they’re speaking another language? Just like the sport itself, hockey lingo is a complex dance of agility, wit, and a dash of brutality—something seasoned fans live for and newcomers often find mystifying. But don’t you worry, we’re about to drop the gloves and give you a rink-side education with the ultimate hockey slang dictionary to have you talking like a pro! 

Hockey has the best slang of any sport in the world! From “apple” and “celly” to “sandbagger” and “zebra,” consider this your go-to guide for becoming the ultimate smack-talker or impressing your friends during the next game. We defined over 140 slang terms that every fan should know, like hooking and tilt. So grab your “twig,” strap on your brain bucket,” and let’s get you talking like a true “beauty!” Ready? Game on!

Hockey Slang for a Fight

Here are all the different slang terms that mean fighting in hockey or terms that are associated with fighting.

DonnybrookDrop The GlovesDummied
FisticuffsHaymakerLine Brawl
Throw Hands (or fists)TiltTilly
AppleAn assist – when a player passes the puck to another player who then scores a goal
Bag SkateUsed as a form of punishment, usually for a bad game or performance, the player(s) have to skate up and down the rink over and over without the puck
BananaWhen a player has a very big curve in their stick blade
Bar DownWhen a shot hits the bottom of the crossbar and falls down into the goal across the goal line, a perfect shot
BarnAnother term for a hockey arena
Barn BurnerA very high-scoring, exciting game
BeautyA hockey player with a great or unique personality and a good player too
Bench BossThe coach
BenderA term used for someone who is not a good skater and whose ankles are bending inward, showing how uncomfortable they are on skates
Bird CageWhen a player wears a full cage on their helmet
BiscuitAnother name for the puck
Blind PassWhen a player makes a pass without looking where they’re passing first
Blowing a TireWhen a player falls on their own without contact from an opponent
Blown UpWhen a player gets hit really hard
BreadbasketThe center of a goalie’s chest – “he shot the puck right in the goalie’s breadbasket”
BubbleAnother name for the clear full sheild on a helmet 

Bucket or Brain BucketAnother name for a helmet
BuzzingWhen a team is playing really well and getting a lot of scoring chances but hasn’t scored yet. this can happen due to a strong forecheck
Can OpenerWhen a player commits a tripping penalty by getting their stick in between the other player’s legs or skates
CannonA player who has a very hard shot is said to have a cannon for a shot
CellyShort for celebration when a player scores a goal
Cheese, Cheddar, or Top CheeseWhen a player scores a goal in the upper part of the goal net
ChelReferring to the hockey video game NHL by EA Sports
ChippyWhen a team is playing dirty and rough or physical
Chirp / ChirpingTalking trash or insults directed at another player
ChicletsAnother word for teeth; Can also refer to the popular hockey podcast Spittin Chiclets
ClapperAnother word for slapshot
DangleAnother term for deke – when a player uses finesse stick handling move to go around the defender
DiscAnother name for the puck

DonnybrookAnother name for a hockey fight
DrawAnother name for the faceoff
Drop the GlovesFighting, before players square off for a fight, they get rid of their gloves to do more damage. A five-minute major penalty is awarded for fighting
DummiedWhen a player gets hit really hard or loses a fight
DusterA player who does not play a lot and sits on the bench for most of the game collecting dust
End-to-End or Coast-to-CoastWhen a player has the puck and skates it from their own defensive zone all the way to the offensive zone without passing it
EnforcerA tough guy on the hockey team, one who usually fights or has a physical presence on the ice
Face WashWhen a player uses his gloved hand and rubs his glove into an opponent’s face usually taking place in a scrum after the whistle
FeintAnother name for a deke or stick-handling maneuver
FerdaA term meaning “For the Boys” like “Let’s win this game Ferda!” From the TV show Letterkenny

FilthyA term for someone really good at hockey or a nice play – “That goal was filthy!”
Fish BowlA full-length visor or bubble on a helmet
FisticuffsA fight
Five HoleThe area in between a goalie’s legs
Firewagon ChangeWhen all five players on the ice go to make a line change or substitution while the game is still going on
FitShort for outfit or uniform
Flashing the LeatherWhen the goalie makes a great glove save
FlowGood hockey hair usually sticking out the sides of a helmet
Four by SixA wide open net, the dimensions of the goal is four feet by six feet
Garbage GoalA goal scored with very little skill involved, usually a rebound in front of the net with the goalie out of position
GassedWhen a player is really tired or out of gas
Golden GoalA goal scored in overtime or sudden death that immediately ends the game
GoonA player who is known for fighting or being an enforcer
Goose EggWhen a team scores zero goals and gets shutout
Gordie Howe Hat TrickThe space between a goalie’s legs – he scored five-hole on him
HackA very hard slash with the stick
An ice hockey player slashing another player, or hacking as they say in hockey slang
HandcuffedWhen a player receives a pass that is not accurate and they cannot receive it clean
HardwareTrophies or medals
HattyAnother name for hat trick – when a player scores 3 goals in a single game
HaymakerA very hard punch thrown
Health BombWhen a player is a healthy scratch and does not suit up for a game and is not injured
HeaterWhen a team goes on a winning streak
HelperAssist – when a player passes the puck to another player who then scores a goal
HoserAnother word for loser, when playing at an outdoor rink, the losing team would have to hose down the ice
HowitzerA very hard shot

JourneymanA player who has been on a lot of different teams or leagues
Knuckle PuckA puck that is shot when it is on it’s edge and moves a lot in the air
LamplighterA player who scores a lot of goals
LaserA really hard shot and very accurate shot
Laying the LumberWhen a player hit another player with his stick
LettuceAnother name for hair, or flow; see Erik Karlsson
Light the LampScore a goal.
Line BrawlA big hockey fight where everyone on the ice is involved
LumberA hockey stick, originated when all sticks were made of wood
MittsAnother name for hands
MuffinA weak shot
NailsReferring to a very tough player – “That guy is nails”
NosebleedsA seat that is up very high in the hockey arena
PaintAnother name for the goal crease, the blue area in the front of the net
PepperedWhen a goalie faces a lot of shots
PestWhen a player is known for being an agitator and often gets under the skin of the opponents
PheasantA bad hockey player because they are easy targets like the bird
PigeonA player who lacks skill but still produces good results
PipeAnother word for the post or crossbar of the goal net
PizzaA terrible pass in a team’s defensive zone that’s usually right up the middle of the ice and gets intercepted by the opposing team resulting in a high-quality scoring chance
PlugA bad hockey player
PlumberA hard-working blue-collar type player who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work
Puck BunnyA girl who hangs out at the hockey rink trying to pick up one of the players
Puck HeadA hockey fan


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Puck HogA selfish player who does not pass the puck very much
Puck LuckGetting a lucky or good bounce from the puck
PylonA player who cannot skate very well and is easy to get around
Ride the PineA player who is benched or one that does not play a lot
Pick their PocketWhen a player steals the puck from another player
RagdolledWhen a player gets hit really hard or loses a fight very badly, and their body appears to go limp
RingerWhen a really good player plays for a team that they are not on permanently and is too good for the league, usually referring to adult beer leagues
RocketA perfect saucer pass – a pass that goes in the air over the opponent’s sticks then comes back to the ice just before reaching a teammate, requires a high level of skill
Rink RatA player who spends a lot of time at the hockey rink
RipperA very hard shot
Roofer or RoofA great shot that hit the top part of the goal net from underneath
RubberAnother name for the puck
SaladAnother name for hockey hair
SandbaggerA player who isn’t playing as hard as they can and is holding back their full skill level
SandpaperA tough hockey player who plays with “Grit” like the grit on sandpaper.
Sauce OR Side of SauceA perfect saucer pass – a pass that goes in the air over the opponent’s sticks and then comes back to the ice just before reaching a teammate, requires a high level of skill
ScrapA fight: A scrapper is a player who gets in a lot of fights, here is our list of the best fighters of all time
ScrumAfter the whistle is blown when a bunch of players are pushing and shoving each other, usually in front of the goal
Photo Courtesy: Sauce Hockey

SheetAnother name for the ice rink that hockey is played on – a sheet of ice
Shinny HockeyPlaying hockey on an outdoor rink where players do not wear pads, and the puck is not elevated when shot, therefore, the puck does not go above the player’s shins
ShortyA short-handed goal
The ShowThe NHL, the highest level of hockey there is
SieveA goalie who lets in a lot of bad goals
Sin BinAnother name for the penalty box
Slew FootWhen a player is skating fast then stops very abruptly, resulting in lots of snow from the ice being shot up in the air into the opposing goalie’s or player’s face; also known as a hockey stop
Snipe / SniperA very accurate shot or a player who is a great shooter and scores a lot
Soft HandsA player who is very skilled with their hands and has a lot of finesse in their game
SnakebittenA player who is in a scoring slump and has a hard time scoring a goal when presented with lots of good opportunities
Snow ShowerWhen a player is skating fast then stops very abruptly resulting in lots of snow from the ice being shot up in the air into the opposing goalie’s or player’s face; also known as a hockey stop
Stand on his HeadWhen a goalie is playing really good and making very hard saves
Stone HandsA player who is not very skilled and has a hard time receiving passes and scoring goals
StonedWhen the goalie makes a great save
StripesAnother name for the referee
Suicide PassWhen a player makes a dangerous pass up the middle of the rink where an oppoent is right there ready to hit his teammate as soon as they get the pass

SuitcaseA player who has been traded a lot or gets sent back and forth to the minor leagues frequently
SweaterA hockey jersey
Swiss CheeseA goalie who lets in a lot of bad goals
Tape-to-Tape PassA perfect pass right on a teammate’s stick blade (which is taped)
TarpJersey or shirt
TendyWhen a player gets hit really hard, and some of his equipment comes off
Throw HandsFighting
Tic-Tac-ToeA goal resulting from several quick passes strung together
TiltA fight
TillyA fight
Top ShelfA goal this is scored at the very top part of the net
TwigAnother name for a hockey stick
UndressA goal that is scored at the very top part of the net
UniShort for uniform
Waffle BoardThe goalie’s blocker
WalkedWhen a defender gets beat by the offensive player, they are said to get walked
Wheel / WheelingSkating very fast
Wheel Snipe CellySkate fast, score a goal with a hard, accurate shot, and celebrate. This phrase is one of the many great Letterkenny quotes
Where Mama Keeps the CookiesA top-shelf goal – when a player scores a goal in the upper part of the goal net
Yard SaleWhen a player gets hit really hard, and some of his equipment comes off

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