17 Reasons Why Hockey is the Best Sport

An ice hockey player celebrating a goal, he has a white, blue and yellow jersey and has his hands in the air

Step into the extraordinary world of hockey, where the fusion of skill, speed, and unrelenting action captures the hearts of fans worldwide. As we explore why hockey is the best sport, we’ll uncover the elements that make it a one-of-a-kind sporting gem, seamlessly blending human artistry with unparalleled toughness and brutality that make it the game we know and love. We’ll take you inside the iconic arenas and see why fans love the sport of hockey so much.

Hockey is the Best Sport in the World

With lightning-quick plays and a symphony of skill on ice, hockey mesmerizes spectators from the opening drop of the puck. The seamless glide of skates, the precise stickhandling, and the laser-like passes and shots create a ballet of movement that defies human limitations. It’s a sport where split-second decisions and astonishing displays of athleticism leave us in awe.

Hockey’s intensity is unrivaled, with players showcasing unwavering determination in their pursuit of victory. From bone-crushing checks to acrobatic saves, every second is a battle of wills, leaving us on the edge of our seats. This physicality adds an extra layer of excitement and grit, enhancing the sport’s rugged nature.

Rich History and Tradition

Hockey boasts a rich and storied history that most other sports can’t match; it spans generations and goes back over 150 years. From the early days of outdoor pond hockey in the 1870s to the formation of professional leagues, the sport has been shaped by remarkable moments and legendary players. The traditions upheld, such as the handshake line after a grueling playoff series and the iconic raising of the Stanley Cup, evoke a sense of reverence and respect for the game’s heritage.

From unique pre-game rituals to specific team traditions like throwing a real octopus on the ice in Detroit Redwing games, catfish in Nashville, or toy rats in Floria. These outrageous yet bizarre traditions set hockey apart from every other sport. No wonder there’s lots of great hockey documentaries and movies out there.

Speed of the Game

Now, we’ll look at some of the elements that make hockey the best sport in the World. First and foremost is the speed of the game. I’ll level with you, hockey isn’t always the easiest to keep up with, especially for newcomers. You got skaters flying around the ice exceeding speeds of over 20 miles per hour, and the tiny black puck zips around at over 100 miles per hour; it can be a blur.

But there’s something electrifying about that, right? The fast-paced dance on the ice is what sets hockey apart from any other sport on the planet. The way these athletes effortlessly glide across the ice, weaving through and around the opposition, is truly unique!

Highly Skilled Players

The artistry and finesse required are nothing short of breathtaking. From the delicate control of the puck to the precise accuracy of shots and passes, hockey demands a level of skill that borders on the supernatural.

The soft and agile hands required for stickhandling, the split-second decision-making, and the remarkable hand-eye coordination showcased by hockey players make the sport a true masterpiece of athletic prowess.

From saucer passes to one-timers, the dazzling array of skills truly mesmerizes. Not to mention the game is played on ice skates; some of the grace and footwork on display would be incredible if it were just played in shoes, but adding the skating component takes the required skill to a whole other level.

Action Packed Game

Hockey is a parade of action from the opening puck drop, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. The strategic battles between teams, the explosive rushes toward the net, the bone-crushing hits, the tenacious forechecking, and the incredible saves by goaltenders deliver an adrenaline rush like no other. 

No other sport comes close to the action ice hockey provides, which is why it’s the greatest sport in the world. With its non-stop excitement and rapid-fire pace, hockey unfolds as a riveting drama where heroes emerge and legends are made.

The Ultimate Team Sport

a view from behind an ice hockey beanch with the players back while the hockey game is going on

Hockey is the ultimate team sport; sure, you have stars like Ovechkin and McDavid, but it takes 20 guys working together to win Lord Stanley’s Cup! From the star players to the fourth-line role-players, the whole team must buy into the coach’s philosophy, be on the same page, and play as one unit, not five individuals. Everyone must contribute in order to achieve success; you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Physical Play

In hockey, physicality is an integral part of the game’s DNA. The pulverizing body checks, the fearless engagements along the boards, the post-whistle scrums and facewashes, and the unyielding battles in front of the net demonstrate the sport’s rugged nature. This aspect adds a layer of intensity, showcasing the resilience, toughness, and unwavering commitment that define hockey players.

Oh yeah, and they’re allowed to fight!

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a hockey fight with a lot of players in front of the goal


Hockey players are the toughest athletes in any sport in the world! They play with broken bones; they get hit in the face with 90 mph slap shots, leave a pool of blood on the ice, get stitched up, and are back in the game without missing a shift.

To give you a recent example, Matthew Tkachuk, whose Florida Panthers just lost the 2023 Stanley Cup Final, played an entire game with a broken sternum. He was in so much pain that his teammates had to help him put his equipment on before the game, but he managed to tough it out and play the entire game, and ended up scoring the winning goal in overtime! And there are stories like that every year; show me another sport where players play through that much pain.


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Playoff Hockey

There is no better example of how tough and physical ice hockey can be than playoff hockey and the battle for The Stanley Cup. If you think the regular season is exciting, the playoffs are another level of intensity and brutality.  

Plus, who doesn’t love those playoff beards? It’s a classic tradition that makes hockey great! Perhaps the best tradition is the playoff handshakes at the end of a series. These guys try to take each other’s heads off for 6 or 7 games, then go through the handshake line and pay their respects to each other and the great game of hockey. No other sport does this.

The Stanley Cup is the Best Trophy in Sports

Dustin Brown of the LA Kings hockey team raising the Stanley Cup over his head. The Stanley Cup is one reason why hockey is the best sport.

When it comes to iconic trophies in the world of sports, none hold a candle to the prestige and glamour of the Stanley Cup. As hockey’s ultimate prize, it embodies the spirit of determination, perseverance, and triumph. 

When an older veteran gets to hoist the cup above his head for the first time, you can’t help but get choked up knowing that they’ve been dreaming of this moment for their entire life! The other great part of the cup is that every hockey player gets their name engraved on it and will be remembered forever in hockey lore!

I can’t even think of the second-best trophy in sports; the other major sport’s trophies are ok but pale in comparison to Lord Stanley’s Cup! 

Hockey Culture

Hockey culture is a vibrant tapestry woven with passion, tradition, and an unwavering sense of belonging. It extends beyond the confines of the ice rink, permeating the lives of hockey players and fans alike. From the colorful lingo and spirited chirps exchanged on the ice to the die-hard dedication exhibited by its followers, hockey culture is a unique phenomenon that sets the sport apart.

For some, hockey isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life!

Hilarious Hockey Lingo and Chirps

Hockey slang is its own unique language, filled with colorful expressions and chirps (Insults) that entertain both players and fans. From playful taunts to clever comebacks, the banter exchanged on the ice adds an extra layer of entertainment and camaraderie to the sport.

There’s no competition for which sport has the best slang and lingo. Where else do you hear “That bender got blown up by the goon who fired the biscuit top cheese and beat the trendy for a lamplighter hatty and did a sick celly before getting into a tilt!”

Die-hard fans

There might be more football or baseball fans in America, but what hockey fans lack in numbers, they make up for in passion and dedication! Hockey boasts a passionate fanbase unlike any other, with supporters who live and breathe the sport.

Fans pack their hometown hockey arenas, proudly don their team colors, embodying the spirit of their beloved franchise, and transform the stands into a sea of electric energy. The collective roar of the crowd echoes through arenas, creating an atmosphere that elevates the game’s intensity to new heights.

A hockey fan wearing a red wings jersey and he has a stanley cup on his head, crazy fans is one reason why hockey is the best sport.

Comparisons to Other Major Sports

It’s really sad that hockey doesn’t have more fans; it’s so much better than all the other major sports in America and The World!

Why Hockey is Better Than Football

Football is a great sport, but hockey has way more action. Did you know that in an average 60-minute NFL game, there are only about 15 minutes of game action? Most of a football game is guys standing for 25-35 seconds and then running a 3-5 second play. Hockey is 60 minutes of pure intensity and non-stop action!

A single football game might be harder on the body, but football players only play once a week, while hockey players play 82 games (3-4 per week). Professional Hockey is much more challenging to play than football due to the grind of the long season and playoffs.

Why Hockey is Better Than Basketball

Basketball is a sport of individuals, while hockey is the ultimate team sport. NBA players whine and cry like babies both on and off the court. They flop all over the place; the game has no integrity. 

Basketball used to be cool back when they were allowed to make contact and play rough, but today’s game is so soft. Even the Hall of Fame basketball player Charles Barkey has said many times that he’d rather be watching the NHL playoffs over the NBA.

Why Hockey is Better Than Baseball

I know baseball is America’s pastime, but there is a substantial lack of physical contact and action. Baseball players miss games because they have a blister on their hand; hockey players get cut in their face with a razor-sharp skate, get 75 stitches, and come back in the game!

Baseball is like watching the grass grow, especially what the game has turned into in the last decade. There’s no action or movement to baseball; it’s all strikeouts and the occasional home run. 

Why Hockey is Better Than Soccer

a comparison between hockey and soccer players with a tough hockey player

I’m not really sure why we’re even having this conversation; you can’t compare hockey to soccer. 

If you like watching grown men falling down and flopping around the field like they got shot every time an opponent barely touches them, and then hopping up a minute later and running around like everything is fine, then go ahead and watch soccer!

Final Thoughts on Why Hockey is the Best Sport

If you’re not convinced by now, then I don’t know what to tell you, maybe hockey’s just not for you. From its physical play and non-stop action to dazzling skilled maneuvers, hockey has everything you’d want in a sport, which is why it’s so mind-boggling that it’s not more popular in America.

Hockey is more than just a game; it’s a thrilling spectacle, a non-stop adrenaline rush that other sports can’t compare to. Hockey is hands down the greatest sport in the world. You just gotta love it!

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