183 Funny Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Mark stone holding up the Stanley Cup wearing a gold knights jersey
Photo Courtesy: Wall Street Journal

With a dash of humor, a sprinkle of sarcasm, or a hearty serving of inappropriate ridiculousness, fantasy hockey enthusiasts craft team names that are as memorable as a big fight or a hat trick in a playoff game. It’s this blend of wit and originality that sets the tone for a season filled with trash-talking, playful banter, and friendly rivalries. If you’re struggling to find a witty and funny team name that will have your friends cracking up, we got you covered. We put together our list of the best fantasy hockey team names.

What makes a good fantasy hockey team name? There are several different directions you can go. From pop-culture references to playing around with an NHL player’s name to movie and music names, we’ve tackled them all; we even threw in some Letterkenny-themed names. So, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you on this long list of fantasy hockey team names.

Funny Fantasy Hockey Team Names

One of the things that makes hockey such a great sport is the creative slang terms; it’s almost another language. If you aren’t familiar with some of these slang terms, check out our hockey slang dictionary. We took some of our favorite hockey terms and made them fantasy hockey team names.

   1.  Snipe City Sharpshooters

    2.  Lord Stanley’s Cupcakes

    3.  The Deke Squad

    4.  Sin Bin Slackers

    5.  The Dangleberries

    6.  The Dangleberries

    7.  Zamboni Bologna

    8.  Puck Off!

    9.  Offsides Overlords

    10.  Blueline Blasters

    11.  Bunch of Jerks – for those Carolina Hurricane fans

    12.  Bardownski Brawlers

    13.  Wheelin’ Snipers

    14.  Gritty’s Goon Squad

    15.  Hooking Hat Trick Hooligans

    16.  Backcheckers Anonymous

    17.  Saucer Kings

    18.  Pucking Funny

    19.  Laser Logos

    20.  Goal Diggers

    21.  Sin Bin Saints

    22.  The Crease Monkeys

    23.  Bardown Bandits

    24.  The KHL Comrades

    25.  The Zambronies

    26.  Power Play Punks

    27.  Cold Shoulders

    28.  Hip Check Heroes

    29.  Five for Fighting

    30.  The Puckaneers

    31.  High-Sticking & Hooking Hulks

    32.  Saucy Stickhandlers

    33.  Arena Avengers

    34.  Blades of Steel

    35.  Sherwood Sheriffs

    36.  Five Hole Fiends

    37.  Zamboni Zombies

    38.  Grinders Guild

    39.  The Puck Stops Now

    40.  Jolly Hockey Sticks

    41.  The Net Stalkers

    42.  Ice Sages

    43.  The Power Players

    44.  The Dangling Dusters

    45.  Blue Line Baboons

    46.  Power Play Predators

    47.  Frozen Assets

    48.  Stick-Tac-Toe


49.  Penalty Box Pranksters

    50.  Deke & Destroy

    51.  The Saucermen

    52.  Deking Dandies

    53.  Slapshot Shamans

    54.  Frozen Fury

    55.  The Crease Beasts

    56.  Biscuit Benders

    57.  Rinkside Renegades

    58.  Top Shelf Thugs

    59.  The Silky Snipers

    60.  Ice Age Outlaws

    61.  Slipping Slappers

    62.  The Daring Danglers

The Best NHL Player-Themed Fantasy Hockey Team Names

One of the best ways to pick your fantasy hockey team name is to wait until after you draft and pick a funny name based on the players from your roster. We’ve got a bunch of good ideas for team names based on a play on NHL player’s names. 

    63.  Drunk Dahlin

    64.  Staal Tactics

    65.  May The Forsberg With You

    66.  Getzlaf My Lawn

    67.  Crash Test Domi

    68.  Trouba Doors

    69.  Shipping and Yandle-ing

    70.  Pass Zegras

    71.  Glass of Marleau

    72.  Staal In The Family

    73.  Tortorella’s Tots

    74.  Dumba and Dumber

    75.  Probert Etiquette

    76.  Doughty Deeds

    77.  Fleury’s Fury

    78.  Bros Before Ahos


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    79.  Hard Boyled Eggs

    80.  The Vlasic Pickles

    81.  Hedman’s Heroes

    82.  No Regretzkys

    83.  Gudas Gold

    84.  Jagr Bombs

    85.  Dark Maatta

    86.  Atkinson Diet

    87.  Marchand’s Misfits

    88.  Tater Tots

    89.  Wizard of Ozhie

    90.  Knights Who Say Niemi

    91.  The Eichel Tower

    92.  Crosby’s Crew

    93.  Ovechkin’s One-Timers

    94.  The Price is Right

    95.  Draisaitl Danglers

    96.  The Panarin Breadmen

    97.  Wheeler’s Wheelers

    98.  Hull & Oates

    99.  Stastny & Hutch

Cale Makar Fantasy Hockey Team Names 

Cale Makar playing ice hockey wearing a blue and red jersey he has a great name for fantasy hockey team names
Photo Courtesy: KDVR

Cale Makar is quickly becoming a household name as one of the best young defensemen ever; he’s creeping into Bobby Orr and Nicklas Lidstrom territory. And he has a great name that makes for some hilarious fantasy hockey team names. 

    100.  Dude Where’s Makar

    101.  Super Makario

    102.  Makaroni and Cheese

    103.  Makar is Faster Than Yours

    104.  Meet Your Makar

    105.  Rust on Makar

    106.  You’re Cale-ing me Smalls

Letterkenny Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Rilley and Jonesy from Letterkenny playing hockey sitting on the bench

How’re Ya Now? We think that Letterkenny is one of the funniest TV shows of all time with its ridiculous quotes and one-liners. One of the underlying themes of Letterkenny is, of course, hockey. So, we came up with some Letterkenny fantasy hockey team names. Pitter Patter!

    107.  The Letterkenny Irish

    108.  Letterkenny Shamrockettes    

    109.  Wheel Snipe Celly

    110.  Gus N’ Bru Crew

    111.  Ferda Boys

    112.  Skating Shoresys

    113.  Shorsey Sh*t Talkers

    114.  Wayne’s Wristers

    115.  Squirrely Snipers

    116.  Ferda Forecheckers

    117.  Reilly & Jonesy’s Snipe Squad

    118.  McMurray Stickhandlers

    119.  Allegedly Ostriches

    120.  Darry’s Dairy Kings

    121.  Puppers Puck Heads

    122.  Dangle Snipeson

    123.  Modean’s Maulers

    124.  The Ginger and Boots Connection

    125.  The Squirrely Dans

    126.  Super Soft Birthday Partiers

    127.  The Degen Puck Dogs

    128.  The Degens from Upcountry

    129.  Joint Boy’s Jokers

    130.  Hard No Forecheckers

    131.  The Big City Slams

    132.  Katy’s Kats

    133.  Skids’ Skate Squad

    134.  Mennonite Marauders

    135.  Tanis’ Tuff Crew

TV and Movie Fantasy Hockey Team Names

You can’t go wrong with a classic pop culture fantasy hockey team name. We put together some TV and movie themed fantasy hockey team names.

    136.  Puck Dynasty

    137.  The Dekes of Hazard

    138.  Hat Trick Swayze

    139.  Karlssons of Anarchy

    140.  The Mighty Drunks

    141.  The Mighty Pucks

    142.  Hockey Balboa

    143.  Puck Rogers

    144.  Lord of the Rinks

    145.  Orange is the New Blackhawk

    146.  The Flying V

    147.  Stranger Rinks

    148.  Ranger Things

    149.  Breaking Saad 

    150.  Breaking Bad Ice

    151.  Better Call Saad

    152.  Sheldon’s Slapshots

    153.  Michael John Scott

    154.  Westworld Wingers

    155.  Mad Men on Ice

    156.  Jon Snow Shower

    157.  Parks and Wreckreation

    158.  Sopranos Slapshots

    159.  Marvelous Mrs. Maple Leafs

    160.  Bettman Returns

    161.  The Mandalorian Muckers

    162.  HBO Max Domi

    163.  Chara’s in Charge

    164.  Empire Strikes Backstrom

    165.  Toews and Confused

    166.  Oshie’s Eleven

Music Fantasy Hockey Team Names 

Choosing a music-themed fantasy hockey team name is like composing a hit song—it’s all about the right blend of rhythm, humor, and personality. Here are the best music-themed fantasy hockey team names.

    167.  Doughty by Nature

    168.  Woo Letang Clan

    169.  Off the Post Malone

    170.  Don’t Cry For Me Jan Hrdina

    171.  Ain’t No Hellebuyck Girl

    172.  Moves Like Jagr

    173.  Doan Stop Believin’

    174.  Oshie Can You See

    175.  Rolling Mark Stones

    176.  Rink Floyd

    177.  Crosby Stalls and Nash

    178.  Baby’s Got Backstrom

    179.  Baby’s Got Backlund

    180.  Josi and the Pussycats

    181.  Hard to Yandle

    182.  Streit Outta Compton

    183.  Eberle Hills and Far Away

Final Thoughts on Fantasy Hockey Team Names

In the game of fantasy hockey, your team name is almost as important as your roster. If you can’t bring home the fantasy hockey trophy, at least you can have the best team name. We hope you found a couple of winners on this extensive list of options.

As you lace up your virtual skates and choose your lineup carefully, let your fantasy hockey team name be your banner, a symbol of your hockey IQ; the wittier and more inappropriate, the better.  May your team name bring laughter to the league, spark friendly rivalries, and add an extra layer of enjoyment to every matchup.  Here’s to a season filled with clever puns, creative spins, and, of course, unforgettable fantasy hockey team names!

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