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Welcome to Hockey Topics, where we’re passionate about hockey and want to share our knowledge with you. Our goal (pun intended) is to educate hockey fans and help them level up their appreciation of the game. We also want to grow the game of hockey and generate more passionate fans by increasing their hockey knowledge. Whether you’re a new fan or a lifelong diehard like us, there’s something for everyone. We go in-depth on a wide variety of hockey topics, such as hockey rules, hockey culture, the history of hockey, and lots more.  

My name is J.T., and I’m the creator of Hockey Topics; I’ve been playing hockey for as long as I can remember. I started as a kid and haven’t stopped since (I still play in a beer league). My other two buddies, Cody and Jason, make up our team here at Hockey Topics. We’ve been playing hockey together for around 7 or 8 years. After the games, there’s usually some intense debate over any and every hockey topic you can imagine, so we decided to share our locker room talks with the rest of the hockey community.

We have over 60 years of combined hockey experience in many different aspects. We’ve all played the majority of our lives (some at the junior levels and some college), we also have experience in coaching and officiating, and one of us was a Zanbomi driver and worked in the pro shop, so between us, there isn’t a lot of the hockey world we haven’t seen.

An ice hockey team celebrating the championship, the team members from Hockey Topics are in here.

Hockey Rules

This phrase works in two ways because hockey does rule, it’s the best sport in the world, and we’re here to tell you why. Also, we have extensive experience in officiating hockey games, providing us with a deep understanding of hockey rules and regulations. We’re eager to share our wealth of knowledge with you. Hockey has some complicated rules, and by gaining a better understanding of them, you can increase your passion and interest in the game.  

For example, our article on the hockey offside rule will give you all the info you need to understand this integral rule better.

Hockey Topics 

We love to get into debates about fun hockey topics, such as who was the best hockey fighter of all time, who has the best hockey flow (hair), who was the greatest Swedish hockey player, and more. So check out our hockey topics section to get in the action and get some great debate topics to bring up to the boys (or girls) next time you’re having a beer in the locker room after the game.  

Get in the debate and give us your opinion in the comments section below every article, or help us come up with new ideas and let us know what you want us to discuss next.

Letterkenny Fan Page: Quotes, Slang, and More

The Letterkenny crew drinking at the produce stand, the whole town is there to party.

We love the cult-classic TV show Letterkenny, so much so that we created our homage to it in our Letterkenny fan section. We assembled the ultimate guide to all the side-splitting Letterkenny quotes, lovable characters, quick-witted chirps (insults), iconic slang, and more that makes Letterkenny the staple of Canadian and hockey culture that it is today. So pitter-patter, let’s get at er! We also have some really cool Letterkenny Merch.

Hockey Clothing and ACCESSORIES

We have come up with some cool hockey merchandise for all fans of the game. So show your love for the greatest game on Earth, and check out our merchandise section; we also have some Letterkenny gear there. We have hockey t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel, mugs, tumblers, and more!

Meet The Hockey Topics Team


A picture of a man with a hockey stick over his shoulder with a blue beanie. he is JT the creator of Hockey Topics

J.T. is from California and is the creator of Hockey Topics. He’s been a lifelong LA Kings fan and hockey player since age six. He also has experience coaching and officiating.

J.T. is usually the last one hanging out in the locker room or the parking lot, finishing up his beer. 

Best Hockey Moment – 2014 going to game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final when the Kings beat the Rangers in double overtime and won the Stanley Cup.  


A head shot of Cody in his black hockey helmet and red hockey jersey. He's one of the creators of Hockey Topics.

Cody was born and raised in Seattle, where he didn’t have a team to root for, so he chose the Penguins for some reason (I think it was Jagr’s hair). Now he’s a passionate Kracken fan.

A part-time graphic designer, he played college hockey at The University of Washington.  

Best Hockey Moment – When it was announced that Seattle was getting an NHL hockey team.


Jason, a man with a mean look on his face, he's a hockey player and one of the creators of Hockey Topics

Don’t let his intense glare fool you; he’s a giant teddy bear and as loyal a teammate as they come.  But don’t mess with him on the ice, or you’ll be sorry. 

Born and raised in Chicago, he’s a huge Blackhawk fan, and his favorite player is Chris Chelios. He played AA-level junior hockey and has over ten years of experience as a ref.

Best Hockey Moment – None of your business.

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